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Lacey is a 3 year old German Shepherd. If ever there was a dog that adored people... this is it. 

Lacey has most recently been tied up as an outdoor dog before she came to the farm. She is now learning how to interact with many different animals and is doing quite well!

Lacey has lived with young children and LOVES kids. She is a smaller shepherd (weighing in at 63lbs) so she would be perfect for a family that doesn’t want a monster dog. 
She is very interested in cats so a home without cats would be best for her. She is good with dogs after a proper introduction, and will now roughhouse and play when the mood strikes her!

Lacey is housetrained and is very mannerly in the house. Like many German Shepherds, Lacey has hip dysplasia (her left is worse than her right) . She is currently on Adequan and Cosequin for her joints. We encourage whoever adopts her to keep her on these medications for maximum quality of life for the rest of her days! 

Lacey is currently off-leash on the farm and is mannerly and friendly with strangers and people that come down the driveway.  She is respectful around children as well.  If you are working around the farm, she is right by your side or sleeping close by.  She is, in every sense of the word, amazing.
If you are looking for a Shepherd with an A+ personality, here you go! 

Thank you to Dr Mandic for sponsoring her medical care! Lacey was in need of heartworm testing, a dental, spaying, vaccinations, and deworming. She also had radiographs taken of her hips so we know exactly what we are working with! Wow!