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Wes is about as perfect as they come!
He came to our program because he was a little too playful for the special needs child in his home.
He is very friendly with people, dogs, and cats.  He is well behaved around horses and sheep, and listens very well off leash.  Wes is completely housebroken and doesn't chew inappropriate items.
He is already neutered and is up to date on his Trifexis and vaccines.  
Wes has always been treated very well and it shows... he is a kind, friendly, happy boy that wags his tail almost constantly and wears a big grin on his silly face!
Wes would do great in almost any type of home, but an active home would be best for him.

As with all of our dogs, Wes will not be adopted out to a home where he will be kenneled constantly or chained up outside. We expect our dogs to be treated like family members.  Thank you.