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Kat is one fun puppy in a big package!  She came to us weighing 84 pounds, and is slowly getting down to a healthier weight.

Kat is excellent off leash, is very respectful of horses, and listens well.  She knows several tricks including sit, down, and shake. Kat enjoys playing with other dogs (she plays hard, with pets and people!) and for the most part ignores cats.

Kat would be best suited for an active lifestyle that takes her outside to play and do activities often.  She will sneak up on the couch while you are watching TV and you won't even notice her.  She's a funny girl with a great sense of humor.

As with all of our dogs, Kat will not be adopted out to a home where she will be kenneled constantly or chained up outside. We expect our dogs to be treated like family members.  Thank you.