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Sarge and Major came in together after being abandoned by their owners at a boarding facility.  They are bonded and we would love it if they could be placed together. While Sarge is only 7, he is an "old" 7, and will require much of the care that a senior dog would need as far as medical attention goes.

Sarge is a funny, loyal dog that wants a quiet life with his people.  A home without cats is best.  Though he is good with other dogs, obnoxious and active dogs make him nervous.  We are looking for a home with no children (or older, calm children). He is quite wary of strangers and will need a confident, savvy owner to help him have positive experiences with new people.

Sarge will need to have an owner that is willing to provide him with the necessary medical care for the rest of his life.  Due to genetics, he has bad hips and shoulders and requires daily medication to keep him comfortable.