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Jax is a GORGEOUS male German Shepherd.  He found himself at a cage-only shelter after his owner passed away, and thanks to a couple rescue advocates was able to come here to Bella Run.

Jax is a silly, playful guy that is still able to quiet down when necessary.  He came to us un-neutered, so his play-style can be a little pushy at times... requiring his dog companions to not get offended easily.  Once his hormones settle a bit it is safe to assume that some of his more 'studly' attributes will subside. He will chase cats and has a higher prey drive, so your indoor cats may not appreciate you choosing Jax as your first pick.

Jax would do best with a fenced in yard because he tends to "be his own man" and gets distracted at times.  He LOVES playing in the water though, so taking him swimming is a sure way to get him to fall in love with you! Jax is a strong guy that wants a human partner to go on all sorts of adventures with... is that human YOU?

If you are the kind of person that needs a doggie Fabio in your life, contact us today!