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Quarter Horse
14.3 hh

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Chickadee is a prime example of the shuffle that horses in the slaughter pipeline go through before landing at a slaughter house.

The farthest back we can trace (without bringing in the CIA) leads us to the fact that someone rode this little mare, in an effort to show her off at auction, until she was dripping with sweat. She was then auctioned off only to be bought by a dealer. Chickadee was already knee deep in the pipeline... and slip sliding away quickly. 

After that auction, this kind and sensible black mare was loaded onto a dealer trailer to be taken to yet another auction, only to find herself immediately owned by a kill buyer. Are you confused? Imagine how poor Chickadee felt! Being owned by people that value their bottom line over a creature’s well being is not a good thing for a horse!

Thankfully, we showed up after the auction (better late than never, right?) and checked her over as horses were banging and crashing in the same trailer that she was about to be loaded up on. We were pressed for time, but it was decided that we could help this little horse skip the worst part of her slaughter pipeline journey. She didn’t know us from Adam, but was kind and trusting despite her recent interactions with people. Aside from being thin and needing her dental issues addressed, we couldn’t fault her. This horse knew stuff, she had manners, and she had a brain. She came home with us. 

Chickadee has settled in nicely. She has had hours of pampering, and went from being tricky to catch to jogging up when she sees us coming. She snoozes in the sun and takes her time when she’s eating her grain. She has a respiratory infection, but frankly we would be surprised if she DIDN’T have some cooties after the recent auction shuffle she went through!

Chickadee is lucky. We walked down the right aisle at the right time on the right day. We can’t wait to get this gal all fixed up and back to being her best self so we can find her a home that will love her and never let her go. Until then, we hope that she knows she is safe.

Welcome sweet Chickadee to Bella Run. It’s about time you made it here!

If you are interested in adopting Chickadee, please contact us!

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