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Sam (plus one... she’s pregnant!)

5 years
Quarter Horse Tennessee Walking Horse Other
15.0 hh

Price TBD

The other two mares that Sam came in with (Bunny and Jane) were pregnant, so we had an ultrasound done on Sam “just to make sure she isn’t pregnant”. What do you know? SHE IS. Her baby is due in June, and until then we are making sure that she has everything she needs nutritionally to pop out a healthy baby!

Sam is so incredibly friendly. It’s almost impossible to clean out her pen without having her touch you constantly. She just wants love! Sam has an amazingly gentle personality and is a very good girl. 

If you are interested in adopting Sam before her baby is weaned, please contact us. You will have to prove competence in the areas of foaling and raising a foal before being able to adopt. 

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