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24 years
15.3 hh

Price TBD

Abraham was surrendered to our program because his owners couldn’t keep him anymore. Initially he was a sulky horse, but was retired after just a couple years (thankfully sound). He spent the bulk of his life as an Amish buggy horse for an old Woman, and when she passed away he was taken to the Sugarcreek auction. Thankfully, he was rescued, and was ridden by kids and on trails with his family. 

The picture you see of him fat and shiny was an older photo. Since that photo was taken, he had lost a fair amount of weight. We are in the process of getting his weight back up (LOTS of senior feed!) and can’t wait to restore him to his chubby self again!

If you are interested in a super cool guy like Abraham, contact us to set up a time to meet him! 

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