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19 years
Quarter Horse
15.3 hh


She's a brick... house!
"Mighty mighty" doesn't even describe Luna accurately... this girl has some bulk to her!

Let's hit the nitty gritty so we don't waste your time if this is a dealbreaker... Like many older gray horses, Luna has melanoma.  She had an exam and so far, none of her visible masses (currently limited to her tail area) have seemed to be troublesome.  It is what it is, and she is otherwise as healthy as they come!

Luna is broke to ride, is not at all spooky, and has wonderful ground manners.  She is very quiet under saddle, but comes across as "more kind than educated".  We aren't sure if she was a nose-to-tail camp horse or if she was just something that the kids jumped on occasionally, but while she is quiet, she definitely doesn't possess some of the finer skills related to riding.  There's no lead changes, no side passing, and no neck reining.  We can tell you, however, that we have put several beginners on her (including children) and she packed them like a pro.  She will walk, trot, and canter on the trail, but sees no point in being ridden in the arena ("we are doing this same circle AGAIN??).  That said, Luna would be happiest in a trail riding home.

She would be great for a leadline therapy program or for a family that wanted a horse to plod around on.  Contact us about this big gray beauty today!

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