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65 years
Quarter Horse Pony Draft Haflinger
14.2 hh


When he was ridden into the auction ring, the auctioneer yelled "This horse came over on the Mayflower!"

After it was obvious that no one wanted the old gelding because of his age, we bid once and home he came with us.  Naming him was easy... the auctioneer's joke make "Pilgrim" a good choice.

How old is this horse?  Who knows, really?  He could be 19 (that magic number that every horse is because people don't dare say "20").  He could be 25, 30, 35, 40?  WHO KNOWS?  Due to the hustle and bustle of the auction house, Pilgrim forgot his wallet and we aren't about to ask him his age (he would probably tell us that it's none of our business and that he could keep up with any of the young whippersnappers, anyway).

Pilgrim has been around the block a time or ten. He is wise and knows children well.  He would LOVE a home with kids to keep him entertained.  He camps, ties to a picket line, and will even let you pop open a can of soda on his back as you plug away down the trail. He loves attention and is very gentle and kind.  There is no spook in this gelding because he's seen it all!  When you are older than the boogieman himself there really isn't anything to be afraid of!  On the ground, Pilgrim has been known to just walk toward a patch of grass that he wanted, dragging a child flailing behind.  He is slow and kind when he does it, but because of this, young children should lead him with adult supervision (which, frankly, they should have anyway!). As Zack always says... "you don't get better on creampuffs!"  This horse will teach your children... quickly.

I know it seems like this horse has "issues".  He seems used up, ready to be a pasture puff, waiting to retire.  Yep he has a swayback.  Yep he is old as Moses himself.  Yep he needs extra food to keep his weight up.  We'll tell you what though.  This pony puffed up with pride when he went on a trail ride with a 12 year old boy.  They led the whole ride, and at a point the child was even asked to pony another horse off of Pilgrim.  It was a scene from any great western movie, a boy and his horse, charging through the woods, having a blast. This pony isn't ready to be done yet. Frankly, however old he is, it doesn't even matter.

Give Pilgrim a chance.  Your kid won't ever run out of adventure!

Pilgrim has Cushings and requires daily medication (Prascend).

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