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3 years
15.1 hh


Dynah came to us TERRIFIED of people. Anything that moved like a whip or sounded like a cattle prod sent her into hysterics. As young as she is, it was heartbreaking to see such fear already instilled in her.

This drop-dead gorgeous filly has had a rough road so far, but is showing incredible progress very quickly. Those flashy grulla paints with good conformation never last long, so if you have the desire and “know-how” to give horse like Dynah what they need... you should contact us sooner rather than later!

Dynah is currently in training with previous adopters of ours until she finds her forever home. This family really enjoys groundwork and special projects, so they have kindly volunteered to give Dynah a good start. We have seen such improvement already, we are so excited for her future!

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