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26 years
15.3 hh


To all of you looking for that dead quiet beginner horse... HERE SHE IS!

Molly (also affectionately called Meemaw) has been there, done that, and has written the how-to book!

She was raced a million years ago, then was an Amish horse, then became a trail horse. Somewhere along the way she wasn’t fed or cared for, and came to us emaciated and in rough condition. Deworming, ulcer treatment, and lots of good food have TRANSFORMED her into a slick, shiny, stunning beauty... inside and out!

Molly has maintained her good attitude through her rehabilitation and has proven to be quiet and forgiving under saddle. This mare will go ANYWHERE on the trail, she loads right in a trailer, neck reins, does every obstacle we have ever pointed her at, ties to a picket line, stands for the farrier, and would be suitable for almost anyone to ride and handle! 

We would like Molly to go to a home where she will be given a joint supplement to keep her sound for as long as possible. 

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