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4 years
14.3 hh


Jenny is a 4 year old Rocky Mountain Horse X. She was unhandled for the first couple years of life. She had a halter left on her when she was young, and as she grew it became embedded into her face. Because of this, you can see a large dent in the bone on her face. Thankfully, it does not affect her breathing.

Jenny will need an owner that is willing to take their time to develop a relationship with her. She is very sweet and is absolutely obedient but sometimes she worries that you might hurt her and gets nervous. This means that she requires extra TLC to help her gain confidence sometimes.

She is the first one up to you in the pasture and really is starting to seek out attention.  She actually has recently been helping some other new shy horses gain more confidence!  If you are interested in a gaited project, this is your girl!

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