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20 years
Quarter Horse
15.3 hh

Price TBD

Gunner is a really good boy. He used to be a rope horse once upon a time, but most recently has been doing everything from ranch sorting to train robberies! This gelding is a champion on the trail and is one heck of an all-around horse. 

Gunner is a bit of a loner in the field and isn’t buddy sour at all. He is not clingy and has excellent ground manners. He is not spooky and is talented and brave. Not for beginners, he can get a bit “hot” and would be best for a confident rider that likes a horse with a big motor!

Gunner is sound and does not require any special supplements (though a joint supplement would probably be appreciated as he ages). Like most older gray horses, Gunner has melanoma. It has been stable for some time and does not bother him at all. Feel free to discuss melanoma with your equine vet, vet checks are also welcome!

Gunner will be available soon to a select home only. This gelding is one-in-a-million and deserves the best!

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