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6 years
Quarter Horse
14.2 hh


Punchy is a young mare that has good ground manners and stands for the farrier well.  She is starting her training here at Bella Run and is a VERY athletic mare.

To be honest, she has not been an easy nut to crack. While she can be a bit opinionated at times, she is willing to try and is very smart. This is the sort of horse that would do anything for a person she respects... though the respect must be a two way street. This is in no way a mare that can be bullied, she requires a teammate.

Punchy would be smitten as a companion horse or pasture puff. Thankfully, she’s an easy keeper and doesn’t require any supplements. 

If you think you are up for the task of being on Team Punchy, contact us!

Punchy qualifies for our Liberty with Luke program. This means that her new owner will be able to take her for some complementary lessons with Luke Gingerich for Liberty Horsemanship!

Bella Run Equine and Luke Gingerich Horsemanship are excited to announce their new partnership! While working together, it’s our goal to make sure the horses we rescue leave us with a fresh start and in a good position to build a solid foundation and relationship with their new owner.

In the horse world, it is often that the only “desirable” horse is a rideable horse... a horse that can have a “job” to serve people. For the horses that cannot be ridden for one reason or another, finding a good home is like finding a needle in a haystack. To increase adoptability for these horses, we need to strive to make sure each horse has a niche in life.

This is where Luke comes in! Starting now, adoptive owners of select Bella Run horses will have the opportunity to take Liberty Horsemanship lessons from Luke Gingerich! Luke competes in reining and ranch versatility, and specializes in liberty horsemanship. He travels the country performing and teaching with the goal of helping others to use effective communication, establish a solid foundation, and build a stronger relationship with their horses.

We are very excited to launch this new program and hope that it motivates people to consider the possibility of a rewarding relationship with a horse out of the saddle.

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