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Currently Unavailable

1 years
Quarter Horse
14.0 hh

Price TBD

Sweet little Boone is currently waiting on his castration and will be available for adoption after that!

Unfortunately, Boone is a cryptorchid. This means that the cost of his castration will be almost ten times the cost of a normal castration. We have been waiting for that second bean to show up on scene (if you know what we mean...), but it’s looking more and more like we are going to have to bite the bullet and get the costly surgery done to expedite this guy going to a wonderful home.

He will obviously have his surgery before he is placed (we do not adopt out stallions), so we will keep you posted!

If you are interested in adopting Boone and would like to sponsor the cost of his surgery, that would absolutely put his availability of the fast track and get him in your barn tha much sooner!

We have had several people interested in adopting him, so if you want him... help us knock his blocks off! All jokes aside, if a sponsor doesn’t come forward, we will continue to save for the procedure, and he will be available once he is officially a gelding!

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