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16 years
Paint Tennessee Walking Horse
14.2 hh


Lilac is a beginner-friendly sweetheart of a mare.

She is the sort of horse that you can put a child on for a trail ride and trust that she will not pull any shenanigans with you. She is honest and happy to tote your tots around whether it be in the backyard or a state park! What is even better? She is gaited, making her extra smooth for the kiddos!

Lilac has heaves and will only be adopted out to a home that is willing to care for her needs. She should not be stalled and cannot eat from a round bale. Only clean, dust free hay for this girl! She does very well when managed correctly, but requires extra attention and care when she has a flare up.

If you think that you and Lilac could help each other, give us a call!

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