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2 years
14.0 hh


Man, this colt has a good head on his shoulders!
Notice Toby’s quiet eye, relaxed ears, lowered head, and licking and chewing in the pictures with Zack. Zack goes about his business saddling, and as you can see, this youngster is calm and willing to be a part of this process with slack in the line. THIS is how we like our babies to behave.

Toby is a 2 year old BLM Mustang that we currently have available for adoption. Whoever owned him before we picked him up at auction did lots of good groundwork... this colt likes human interaction and has the BEST attitude about learning. Toby has been a blast to work with while he’s been here. With color to boot, he will undoubtedly be the horse everyone wants before too long!

The good news is... he is ready for a home. You have the opportunity to make him yours and help him continue on his path to success! While he still needs to continue his training before he is considered finished, we can say with gusto that he does everything we ask of him absolutely perfectly! What a lovely little guy!

If you are interested in adopting a piece of the Wild West, contact us today!

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