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14 years
Tennessee Walking Horse
14.3 hh


Lora is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She has enough color for you and all of your friends and a sweet temperament to boot. She is a great mover with good conformation!

We know that Lora has had just a few owners in her life, but was shuffled around a bit recently. Understandably, she took a little while to settle in and get comfortable with us.

Lora was very thin when she came in and is currently being fed with the goal of gaining weight. Lora is an extremely low man on the totem pole and will get pushed away from food very easily. For this reason, it is important that she has the opportunity in her new home to eat instead of just being set loose on a round bale with a hers of horses to bully her around. When she is up to weight and healthy, we will finish Lora’s under saddle evaluation.

If you are interested in fostering Lora until she is ready to be adopted (fosters have the first chance to adopt the horse), please contact us.

Better photos coming soon!

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