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6 years
15.2 hh


Lena raced 4 times in 2018. 
She won a whopping $750 before they decided that homegirl just didn’t have it in her. She was retired sound.

Lena is 15.2+ hands tall and is 6 years old. Her birthday is April 12, and you better be prepared with carrot cake. As you’re about to find out, Lena is special. She will be one in a million for someone.

You see, Lena is more of the “let’s go get Starbucks and talk about Becky” sort of mare than the type to hustle her tail off and win some races. She places her feet carefully when she moves and doesn’t like to get muddy.

Always a princess, she insists on well fitting tack and clean saddle pads. If her threads don’t fit, she gonna quit! She’s basically the horse every independent woman would be if she were a horse.

In a lot of ways Lena is the stereotypical “chestnut Thoroughbred mare” (don’t come at us, we love them). People tend to think that Thoroughbreds are only for the English riders, but she has won the hearts of western riders too! She is versatile, gritty, determined, and SO smart.

Lena could go in a lot of directions. She’s sensitive, athletic, and retains information. Tell her once and she’s got it. She has suspension for days and a go-go mentality. Lena has a great work ethic and does not quit (unless she’s on the track, then, according to her, you can just shove off). She has try and is very sweet.

Lena has a solid, relaxed walk-trot under saddle. She still needs to work on balance and tempo in the canter but it’s really coming along! She picks up her correct leads and is soft in your hands. She has also been starting on some lateral movements but most of her training consists of just relaxation exercises and bending and stretching... the foundation for proper collection. Girlfriend loves her yoga.

Lena is so much fun to work with! She loves a routine, loves to be babied, and considers herself a national treasure (we are not telling her she isn’t, so we just go with it). She goes happily in a French link snaffle and an english or western saddle. Frankly, she wonders why she hasn’t been adopted yet!

We don’t talk about this in front of her, as she’s sure she has no vices, but she cribs. She’s not trashy about it though... think of the 50s housewife smoking a cigarette in a bubble bath. That’s our Lena. Slap a cribbing collar (fleece lined, of course, we will send hers with her) on her and she’ll stop. See? She’s right, no vices.

Lena also requires a gut supplement. Consider it her daily cup of coffee... it is for her health and your safety. Keep her on her supplement and she’s a happy camper, like that cute little girl with a curl right in the middle of her forehead. When she is good she is very very good, but when she is off her ulcer supplement... she is horrid. Trust us, just keep her on it. It’s cheap, and it’s a non-negotiable unless you want to get shanked in a stall.

So, if you’re looking for a lovely eventing or dressage prospect or even a trail horse and love building a partnership, she’s your girl.  If you’re looking for a polo or barrel racing horse, she probably isn’t for you (those sports are far too “undignified”, she claims).

So there it is, the good, bad, and ugly about our sweet princess Lena! Please don’t ask us if she would be suitable for your beginner child who has ridden nothing but a merry-go-round. No. However, a confident intermediate 15 year old rode her here under our instruction and was very successful! Would we put a young, inexperienced kid on her? No. Would we recommend her for your non-horsey spouse? Also no. Lena would do best with a confident intermediate rider. She is smart and athletic. We have videos of her being ridden as well, if you would like to see them, please contact us!

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