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2 years
Quarter Horse Tennessee Walking Horse Other
14.2 hh


Potential Unicorn Alert!!

This horse has one heck of a mind and is a calm, friendly sweetheart with a quiet nature. If you knew him when he came here, you'd be especially surprised how wonderful he is today, but we mean it... he's AMAZING!

Elmer was a wild horse running with a herd of stallions in West Virginia. Heart of Phoenix rescue rounded his herd up. Elmer had some violent tendencies and some health concerns after he was rounded up, so he came here so he could get some individualized care. He immediately embraced domestic life and became a sweet, smart little horse!

Elmer takes everything we throw at him in stride and is very smart. He tries hard to please and can keep his cool in stressful situations. He retains everything that he is taught and is a quick learner. We all love "Baby Elmer".

Elmer is now gelded and recovered from his surgery very well. Since he never really acted like a stallion around mares, he is already a very calm gelding. Wahoo Elmer!

We are all very much in love with this little colt and are so excited to see him move on to a new home where he will have his very own family. Don’t miss out!

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