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Pobres Peppy Hand "Zesty"

18 years
Quarter Horse
14.0 hh


Zesty (AQHA Pobres Peppy Hand) is available to a select home only... we love her very very much, and she has become quite useful here on the farm when we work with young horses.

We know this mare inside and out. She is a very particular gal but will do anything for a rider she loves.
If if IF you can't ride HOT horses then pass on by! If if IF you aren't in love with the "quirks" that a mare may possess, and don't appreciate the relationship you must create with one... Then pass on by! If all of that sounds good to you, then Zesty just might be your girl.

NO BARREL RACING for Zesty. She's been there, done that, won a bunch, and is retired from that world. She could do cow work, extreme cowboy race, etc... just no more contesting.

She is 18, though she rides like she is 4. This girl has POWER and ENERGY and can "out-go" anyone else out there. She's a rock star, and is Rachel's (Bella Run founder) favorite horse.

UPDATE: Zesty has been most recently been ponying young and green horses.  She is absolutely wonderful and enjoys the task of helping the young guys learn.  She doesn't get flustered easily and will absolutely allow you to do anything to them from the saddle.  From a first time water crossing to the first "real ride" with a rider... Zesty is a good one to have on your colt-starting team! 

Zesty will go to a select non-breeding home only.

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