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14 years
Quarter Horse Other
15.1 hh


Camilla was one of 5 horses that were rescued after being starved nearly to death.  Two of the horses she came in with did not make it, but Camilla struggled through and started to slowly improve.  This Appaloosa mare is a survivor.

She is the daughter of Magpie and has lived with her all of her life.  Camilla is allegedly broke to ride but we have not evaluated her under saddle yet because of her poor body condition.

She has been doing GREAT lately and has now grown all of her hair back, is able to enjoy outside time, and is allowed to eat all she pleases!  We are very excited for her progress so far and are confident that she will bounce back quickly!

UPDATE 10-18-17
Camilla is doing WONDERFULLY!  She is finally starting to look like a regular horse!  She is currently at a wonderful foster home in central Ohio (she was moved there last week), and her physical rehabilitation will be finished up there before she is ready to find a home!

If you have the desire to adopt her before she is chunky again, please contact us.  You must demonstrate the ability to feed a horse that is not currently considered an "easy keeper".

Camilla is a wonderfully sweet girl that doesn't do anything wrong!  She tries her best to do exactly what we ask of her!

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