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19 years
Quarter Horse
15.0 hh


Magpie was one of 5 horses that were rescued after being starved nearly to death.  Two of the horses she came in with did not make it, but Magpie was such a spitfire there was no question that she would fight and pull through.

She is the mother of Camilla. Magpie has been ridden on trails and is said to be a registered Quarter Horse.  Her papers are unavailable.

Magpie has arthritis in her knees, and while they look AWFUL, they aren't as painful as you would think.  Mechanically, she has a harder time flexing them due to bone growth, but she trots around, moves quickly, and is convinced that she shouldn't be treated any different than any other horse.  X-rays reveal that a part of the knee joints have fused, actually leaving her more comfortable now than she was before!

Magpie will be available for adoption once her body condition improves.
If you are interested in adopting Magpie when she is ready to leave us, please contact us!

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