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13 years
15.2 hh


Hang on to your hats! Skeeter has enough personality for a whole herd of horses! He gets along well with dogs, cats, sheep, goats, and other horses. He LOVES attention and is a “people person”.

Skeeter would love an owner that can keep him busy. Obstacle courses, trail riding, or cow work are all things that he would be a happy little clam while doing. Lots of arena work would bore this guy! Skeeter would be appropriate for an intermediate handler because he can be a bit sloppy from time to time with his ground manners. He doesn’t mean to be rude... he’s just so happy to see you! 

Skeeter was donated to our program by some wonderful people to help raise funds to help our less fortunate horses. If you are interested in skeeter, contact us today!