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5 years
Paso Fino
14.1 hh


Sam is a gaited large pony mare. Those little feet fly and she has a bunch of characteristics consistent with Paso Finos, so while we don't have registration papers on her, it's safe to say that's what she is!  She is a sweet, laid back girl that seeks our attention. She is EASY to lead, haul, load, trim, etc. 

Sam is so incredibly friendly. It’s almost impossible to be around her without having her touch you constantly. She just wants love! Sam has an amazingly gentle personality and is a very good girl. This pony has a MIND that trainers look for.. the mind that makes training easy!

Sam came to us in extremely poor condition with rain rot and lice.  She knew how to lead, but that was about it.  We took our time and let her recover physically, and then started riding her.  We are proud of the progress that Sam has made ad we can now say that she is a nice, quiet, well adjusted girl!  We have been hauling her everywhere with us and really have been putting more and more rides on her!

Because Sam is small and isn't particularly stocky to boot, we request that her rider not weigh more than 150lbs.  We want her to enjoy trail riding and be sound and happy for years to come!