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4 years
Missouri Fox Trotter

Hazel was represented at auction as broke to ride.  To the untrained eye, that seemed to be true... in the confines of a small sale ring.  Thankfully, we were there and were able to bring her back to the farm that day.  At first, she was terrified of touch (the dealer that owned her wasn't particularly kind) and wanted nothing to do with us.  We gave her the time she needed and she is coming around very well.

After it was discovered that what little "training" Hazel had needed to be redone completely, we started her from scratch and have worked on fundamentals.  We have since taken Hazel on a few trail rides, and she is doing better and better with each ride.  The main thing with Hazel is teaching her to RELAX.  We have not seen any buck or rear, but she will need a kind, competent rider to help her along until she gains the confidence she needs to charge forward in life. We will say one thing about her... she is SO SMOOTH!

Hazel is a gorgeous girl with a comfortable gait that she happily stays in.  We are so happy that she came here, and want to encourage anyone that is looking for a project to check her out.  She is special.