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3 years
15.1 hh


(Previously named Dynah)

Aurora came to us TERRIFIED of people. Anything that moved like a whip or sounded like a cattle prod sent her into hysterics. As young as she is, it was heartbreaking to see such fear already instilled in her.

This drop-dead gorgeous filly has had a rough road so far and it has clearly taken a toll on her. She spent quite a bit of time with previous adopters of ours who were fostering her. They worked with her a lot and loved her very much. Unfortunately, she is still very flighty and spooky, and requires an owner and handler that can lead with a confident yet calm energy.

Aurora is happy in a stall or turned out. She has been ridden but there was quite a bit of regular work that went into it by people she trusted... so at this time she is being adopted out as unstarted. If you have the desire and “know-how” to give Aurora what she needs, you should contact us!