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20 years
15.2 hh


Newt was brought to us after his owner’s failing health made it impossible to care for him anymore. Going door to door, the family was looking for someone... anyone... to take Newt. A “free to good home” horse is a horse at risk indeed, so we offered to let Newt land at Bella Run.

He is busy gaining weight and is doing quite well taking some time off to get healthy! Like most Standardbreds, Newt is quiet and honest. He would make an excellent family horse and really enjoys the attention that a life like that would provide!

Newt has teeth that haven’t been cared for much over the years, and because of this, he will need to be supplemented with soaked alfalfa cubes and/or senior feed. Because of this, we are waiving Newt’s fee to a good home that will give him what he needs.

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