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Quarter Horse
15.1 hh


Anvil is a horse that will test a new rider.  If you pass, you can ride him through the gates of hell in supreme fashion. If you don't pass, you just may be dusting off your jeans for another go 'round. Just being honest here (that's what you like about us, right?), if you can't ride, this cowboy pony isn't for you!

He neck reins, side passes, moves off your leg, drags calves, opens gates, you name it.  He is brave and sensible... just like any good ranch horse.

He has done sorting, roping, team penning, and legitimate ranch work out west. How he landed in Ohio is none of our business, but he is here now!  He is a quiet gelding with a work ethic.  Circles in an arena bore him, and he doesn't hate much more than a beginner pushing all of his fancy buttons at once.

Anvil has some allergies that means that eating out of a round bale probably isn't ideal for him.

If you think you are cowboy enough for Anvil, give us a call.  Everyone that can ride him LOVES him... will you be his forever home?