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27 years
15.3 hh

Price TBD

Kenny came to us as an emergency owner surrender.

Kenny has a "less than stellar dental situation" so he requires his food to be soaked.  He can not eat hay and if you just give him hay with some grain... well... that's proven to not be good enough.

Now, Kenny is getting chopped hay and senior feed.  His previous owner had him on Previcox, so we have continued that and also have added Farrier's Magic and Flex-N-Action joint supplement. We are working him up to an large amount of feed that he can munch on all day for weight gain, and at this time he is consuming about 15lbs of Purina Senior and 10lbs of chopped alfalfa/timothy mix chopped hay a day.  We mix it all in a big water tank and soak the heck out of it so he doesn't choke. This type of feeding will be necessary for the rest of Kenny's life.

Kenny is really a hilarious old horse, and is always up for a scratch and some love.  We want Kenny to be able to find the perfect home that will love him and make sure he gets all the food he could ever need. Letting Kenny in your life will definitely bring you a bit more work, but the joy that he will bring you would be so worth it!