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16 years
14.2 hh

Price TBD

She will walk, trot, and canter with the tiniest of tots. She is a gentle soul that tones it down for the littles. She took a 6 year old in small fry walk-trot classes (no lead line necessary for this gal) and rocked the class in a bustling outdoor show environment. What a rock star!

We have been teaching beginner lessons on her and she is positively saintly. She’s the sort of horse that figures out what the kiddos want even when they are asking incorrectly and humors them.

Simply put, WE LOVE DARLA.

Here’s the kicker. Dara has “big knees”. The good news is, she is comfortable on them and runs around the field with her friends. She also happily carries kids with ease, again, she is comfortable. However, because of lesser range of motion, she cannot jump or do steep hills on the trail. For this reason we are looking for a flstwork only home for Darla. Vets agree, she’s a smart mare that knows her limits! If she’s comfortable and willing, let the lady do her work!

We are pretty sure that once you meet this gem of a horse you won’t want to leave her behind. Don’t kiss out guys, this is the one your beginner baby has been looking for.