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22 years
15.2 hh


They don’t make many like Chip.

This old man didn’t deserve to end up where he was going when we stepped in, but boy are we glad we were there! Every time we get Chip out, we are reminded that these old horses have so much to teach us.

Chip is quite a character. If ever a horse had a legitimate sense of humor, Chip would be the one. He has enough guts and sass to rival a wild stallion, yet always dials it back for the kiddos we toss up on his back. He carries them with pride, keeping them safe but never bored. He is a professional. Chip will pack a kiddo through a state park one day, then rock it at a fun show the next.

This horse is GOLD.

While he won’t win that big barrel race, you can count on him for getting your child across that timer safely and with a huge grin on their face... and isn’t that the point?

The good news is, Chip is looking for a new kiddo! While we don’t know how old he is exactly (he’s no spring chicken) we do know that his new owners must be willing to accommodate him into his senior years. While he stands 15.1 and was once a thick chunk of a guy, we are now looking to keep his riding partners on the lighter side.

While we have enjoyed having Chip here with us, it’s time for him to add smiles to the lives of others. Don’t you wish you had this PHENOMENAL gelding in your family?