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6 years
Quarter Horse Paso Fino
13.3 hh


Sometimes when you have a pony that looks like he’s straight out of the Wild West, you’ve got to humor him and pretend you’re scanning the horizon for buffalo.

Crockett is a 6 year old pony gelding. Our guess is that he has some Paso in there, but it’s hard to say. He is not gaited. This handsome guy stands 13.2 hands tall but is broad enough to handle a small adult with ease.

We don’t know much about Crockett’s past (those cowboys never do talk much about days gone by), but we’ve played with him enough to know that he will help you fulfill all of your cowboyin’, ranchin’, and yippee ki yay fantasies!

This little cow pony is filled with wanderlust and is looking for a new address... will your barn be the last one he calls home?

Crockett is sound of body and mind. He rides bitless or in a snaffle. He will need some more schooling before he is ready to pack the average child, because after all, he’s practically a kid himself! He is not a lazy, poke along pony... he keeps up with the big guys on our trail rides!

Crockett is a happy little horse that will canter from all the way across the field to meet you at the gate!

He has been on trail rides with us and does a great job crossing obstacles! He is not yet ready for a beginner rider because he still often looks to the rider for guidance and instruction. There isn’t a mean bone in this pony. He tries hard and is as sweet as they come!

He always has a good attitude and truly enjoys interaction with people and other animals. This gelding would be a great step up pony!