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20 years
Missouri Fox Trotter
15.2 hh

Price TBD

Sable is that horse that every little girl dreams of riding... her mane and tail are to die for! She is very quiet and mannerly.

She has excellent ground manners and ties well. She is well behaved and neat in a stall. Sable stands to be saddled, bridled, and mounted. She has no bad habits and ties well. Easy to catch. She is a very agreeable mare. She tends to be a little bossy in the pasture, but once the others know who she is, she is fine and gets along with everyone.

Sable is very professional and obedient under saddle. She isn't in too much of a rush to go anywhere, but will if you ask her to. Positively slow in the arena, she has a bit more "go" on the trail! She is steady and sensible. She has a wonderfully smooth gait and would be suitable for almost any level rider (children under supervision).

Sable went to the All-Horse Parade and did really well! She was definitely one of the shining stars! She has been hailed to state parks and is a very reliable, consistent mare. Sable has been to a Fun Show with us and did GREAT! From speed events to trail classes and Leadline, she was a star!

Sable was adopted three years ago.  Now Sable is back here.  She currently is gaining weight and will be ready soon.