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31 years
Quarter Horse
15.0 hh

Price TBD

Foxy is a phenomenal mare. Don't judge her by her age... you will be surprised! Foxy competed in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition at Equine Affaire and she is the farthest thing from "old and tired". This mare has the zip, the work ethic, and the desire to continue to be someone's favorite horse!

She can open and close gates, turn on the forehand, spin, sliding stop, back quickly, rope and drag objects, carry items, sidepass, go over/under/through almost anything, pony young horses, etc etc ETC!

If you think you would be a good match for this WONDERFUL mare (seriously... she's all that AND a bag of chips, with a side of spice), contact us!

Please note:  Foxy is not a spring chicken.  To be the healthiest she can be, Foxy needs to be on a gut supplement or probiotic for her digestion.  This mare also cannot handle much sugar in her grain (grass is fine, but she gets diarrhea if she's fed a sweet feed), so a low sugar, low starch grain is a must. An owner that will keep her on a joint supplement would be ideal, but she is remarkably sound for her age.

UPDATE: In our opinion, Foxy is the sort of mare that either needs to be ridden regularly or retired. She is sound, but random rides (especially zippy ones like she loves) are asking for an injury at this age. That said, we are looking for the conscientious rider that is able to keep Foxy sound... or a retirement home. Contact us for more information about Foxy.