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18 years
12.2 hh


Showstopper is a nice older gelding that is looking for a herd of children to play with. He is quiet under saddle, both leadline and walk-trot. He is a steady pony that is consistent and reasonable. He can sometimes be wiggly when tacked up, so parental help is recommended for that step.

He sticks up for himself in the pasture and does well in a large herd of both ponies and full sized horses.  He tends to be a lover of the ladies, so separate turnout is recommended if there are mares on the farm so he doesn't cause drama.  He has had bloodwork to confirm that he is indeed a gelding.

While we think Showstopper is suitable for children, safety should always come first. Horses are independent beings with independent brains and adult supervision for children is always recommended.