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Sweeten Your Step "Sunday"

18 years
16.1 hh


Sunday is a very sweet, quiet girl that loves attention.  While she likes being outside, she is perfectly happy lounging in her stall with her face just inches from her fan.

Sunday has not caused one ounce of trouble since she's been here... She truly is a gem.

Why do we call her Sunday?  It works with her registered name (like a sweet sundae).  Also, she was COVERED in nicks and scrapes... a scratch and dent model if you will.  She reminded us of every guy on the radio talking about a scratch and dent special... "This Sunday-unday-UNDAY!!!"  so Sunday it became.

Sunday has made a MIRACULOUS recovery and is not only comfortable in the pasture, but is also sound to ride!! She still needs shoes up front and a joint supplement would be best for her, but she is able to hit the trails and rock it! Please note, Sunday has lived happily with melanoma for a number of years. Let’s be honest though, she’s an older gray horse... it’s expected! 

Sunday is the sweetest soul and has proven to be gentle in even undesirable circumstances. She would be excellent for a confident child and would prefer to just be trail ridden over continuing a career that consists of arena work. No jumping, no lesson/therapy programs for Sunday, please... this sweet girl just wants to hit the trail!