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15 years
14.0 hh


Zara is a 15 year old, very typey Arabian mare that stands 14.0hh. She enjoys being busy and likes having a job.  Fussing over her relaxes her, she actually enjoys being clipped! True to her breed, she is sweet, sensitive, and very smart. All you Arabian people out there... HERE YOU GO!

Zara lunges well and stands like a statue to be tacked up and bridled. The more you mess with her the happier she is... She really enjoys being ridden!  She also has a great work ethic. Couple that with her lovely trot (can you say SUSPENSION?) and gentle canter and she's a dream! She is currently popping over small crossrails and would make a cute hunter!  We don't think you can get a more exquisite girl... She is fine and fancy!

Zara prefers arena work to trail riding and could excel in a number of disciplines. She enjoys gymkhana events and enjoys a rider that can "go with her flow". She recently participated in the All-Horse Parade (in costume) and was great!

Because of her Arabian "flair", we recommend her for a rider that has some experience with hot horses.