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11 years
Quarter Horse
14.3 hh

Price TBD

Harley is one tough cookie!  When we saved her, her eye had been damaged to the point of it needing to be taken out.  "Accidents" happen to horses in the slaughter pipeline, and Harley was not exempt.

Despite our best efforts to save the eye, Harley was taken to Ohio State University where it was determined that her eye needed to be removed.  She had her surgery on December 5, and is now recovering quite well.  Before her injury, she was a healthy, well-trained mare.  It will take some adjustments to get used to only having one eye, but we think that she will adapt well and be better than ever before!

If you are interested in Harley, please stay tuned or contact us to meet her, but she will not be evaluated under saddle until she is completely healed and comfortable.

Harley has recovered fully and is doing WONDERFULLY! She is a spicy little fajita and LOVES blazing a trail!  She isn't afraid of cows and is a brave thing!  She neck reins and moves off of your leg.  We are hoping for a thoughtful rider for Harley that is capable of helping along as she figures out how to be ridden with one eye.  Harley is not a spooky mare, and would be amazing for the right rider.  No beginners, please.

You will be able to see Harley strut her stuff at Equine Affaire, don't miss her!