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18 years
Quarter Horse
15.2 hh


Jewel came into our program because she was at risk of being sent to a kill auction.

Though someone purposely bred her, she was not educated.  For most of her life, Jewel was nothing but a pet.  Jewel is flashy and LOVES to be scratched, but a lack of education and an owner that passed away put her at risk of entering the slaughter pipeline.

Now at Bella Run, she is learning how to be a sophisticated lady.  Jewel is a very smart mare and enjoys human interaction.  Initially she was a bit of a challenge but she came around very quickly with a little consistency.

Once her hooves (which were not trimmed in over 10 years) are fully rehabilitated, she will begin her under saddle training.

Jewel is one of the flashiest girls around and would excel with an owner of her own!

UPDATE 5/6/18: Over the months, we have spent quite a bit of time with Jewel. She now loves human interaction and enjoys being played with. However, to further her under-saddle education once she leaves here, she should only go to someone that is capable of working with a “project”. There isn’t a mean bone in Jewel’s body, but she has definitely progressed the slowest of all of the mares in her group. We still love her though... will you?