A 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of at-risk horses and dogs… RESPONSIBLY.


Located in Southeast Ohio, our facility is a place of healing and recovery for the many animals who find their way here.

Why We Rescue

As professionals in the equine industry, we saw firsthand the lives that horse slaughter claimed.
We decided to do something about it.


Whether our horses are victims of horrific abuse or have suffered neglect, we are committed to providing each individual with the care necessary for their recovery.

Adopt a Horse!

From ponies to performance horses, we always have a variety of horses available for adoption!

Help Us Help Them

It’s no secret… unhealthy animals who aren’t well trained have a harder time finding homes. While in our care, the horses and dogs of Bella Run Equine get the individualized attention they need to become happy and healthy family members!

Helping Horse People

Most horses who find themselves at risk have experienced human error at some point in their lives. We know that the best way to keep horses safe is to give owners the education necessary to do right by the animals in their care.

Horsemanship Lessons

Is your child horse-crazy?
Start from the ground up and let us teach them a safe approach to horses! Lessons offered on a limited basis.

Clinics and Seminars

From seminars on husbandry to remedial training clinics, we make education accessible for horse lovers of all experience levels!

Chances are, if you’re a horse person… you’re a dog person!

Our Unique Farm Dog Program

Many people that live on farm would love to rescue their next dog! However, the idea of going to a shelter and picking one that is “unknown” can be a little scary when you consider the risks involved with farm life. Will my new dog chase my horses? Will my new dog run away? If you adopt a dog who has graduated from our Farm Dog Program, you can trust that your new friend will fit right in with your outdoorsy lifestyle! Our Farm Dog Program bridges the gap between the dogs who need help and the families who want to love them!

Here’s how it works: We take at-risk, often difficult dogs who need an advocate and an opportunity. Once here at Bella Run Equine, we help them develop the skills necessary for a happy life on a farm. Graduates of our Farm Dog Program behave around livestock and are responsive and respectful off-leash on a farm. In addition, they learn house manners! Our dogs leave us confident, happy, and willing to “work” on a farm! Of course, some of our dogs decide they would rather not be around livestock, so we tailor their placement to their specific needs.

Our groundbreaking Farm Dog Program has been a great success! Due to the nature of this program and amount of training that each dog requires, we rarely have more than a few dogs available for adoption at any point.