Our Impact

We are passionate about saving as many horses as we can… RESPONSIBLY.

Year after year, we advocate for the “unwanted” horses.  Victims of overbreeding, divorce, or “kids getting out of horses”, these horses are brought to low-end auctions and sold to the highest bidder.  Most of them are run through loose and unrepresented, with no one to say a word about them.  Many are bought and sold by slimy dealers in their quest to make a buck, getting shuffled from auction to auction until the horses are so broken they aren’t deemed “valuable” anymore… or worse.

Because the average horse person does not want to risk buying a sick or unsafe horse at auction when looking for their new equine partner, these horses who are sold without representation were often sold for meat. These horses needed an advocate.  

We watched this happen for years. These horses needed homes, and there were homes were looking for horses.  We have made it our mission to bridge the gap.  We went to these auctions and outbid the “bad guys”.  After bringing the horses back to Bella Run Equine, we would take the time to rehabilitate them properly so we could represent them accurately to prospective adopters. Sometimes, the whole process would take a couple of months, sometimes a year or more. Once they came here, their needs were met.

Since COVID-19, our program focus has shifted a bit. While we are still the boots on the ground and attend auctions to help the horses who slip through the cracks, we also realize that the market has changed. Horse slaughter is not as prevalent as it once was, thankfully, allowing us to breathe a bit and assist with more owner surrenders and law enforcement cases. When it comes to horses who need help, we find the need and go there.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and have a hard-earned reputation that we are very proud of. Thankfully, we learned first-hand that responsible resource management MUST be a foundation block of our program. This allows us to save as many animals as possible while ensuring longevity for our organization. After all, the work here is good. The horses that we save have gone on to be valued in lesson programs, summer camps, therapy programs, mounted patrol units, and countless backyards with squealing children! Whether it’s being a trusty trail horse for a senior citizen or the best friend that carries a child to their first fun show, our horses’ lives are changes after passing through our barn doors.

4664 Pleasant Hill Rd
Athens, Ohio 45701
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