Horse Adoption

So you want to adopt a Bella Run horse…

You’ve read our website, so you know all about us. Now we need to know about you! A phone conversation, emails, or detailed text messaging is a great way to get to know you! We will ask basic questions about your farm and your horsemanship, as well as what you are looking for in a partner. This allows us to make sure that the horse you are interested in will be a good fit.

We do not have people out “just to see what we have”. We do not have open hours for random visitors. We are a rehabilitation center, and keeping a peaceful and safe environment for our animals is the number one priority. Before having a potential adopter out to the farm, we take the time to discuss which horses would be best suited for the intended purpose, narrowing it down to a few to come and meet. All of our horses are very unique, just like you!

What You Need

There are a few things that we will require of you before you come and meet a Bella Run horse. We want to see that you are eligible to adopt and have all of your ducks in a row BEFORE you visit!
If you are worried about whether or not you meet our requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We won’t bite! Many decisions have to be made on a case-by-case basis, so don’t automatically rule yourself out without running it by us first! Who knows? We may have the perfect horse for your different situation!

How to Adopt:

  1. You must have appropriate fencing. Barbed wire is not deemed appropriate by us (with few exceptions). Text/email us pictures!
  2. You must have a barn or shelter (a 3 sided run-in shed is fine) large enough to house all of your animals in bad weather. Text/email us pictures!
  3. You must have a vet and a farrier that will vouch for you. Have them send us a letter of recommendation. Farriers often don’t have letterhead, but a letter from them with a business card attached will do the trick! They can take a picture of their letter and text/email it to us, or you can bring it with you when you come. If they prefer to call instead of writing a letter, that is fine. We know how busy they are, and the last thing we want to do is start a game of phone tag.
  4. You must have horse experience. Elaborate. The more details, the better! We do not adopt out to first time horse owners UNLESS they are boarding the horse at a full-care boarding facility and are receiving regular lessons from a professional. This is for the safety of horse and rider!
  5. We DO adopt out of state but you have to come and meet the horse first to ensure that it is a good fit. We do not adopt out horses sight-unseen. Exceptions to this rule will be made very occasionally in special circumstances.
  6. If you have ever been charged with of animal or child abuse or neglect, you are not eligible to adopt.
  7. Send us pictures of your current horses/animals. The pictures should be clear enough to see their body condition.
  8. We need a picture of the trailer you will be hauling your new horse home in. It does not have to be your trailer, but it must be safe. Don’t show up with an unsafe trailer that has holes in the floor! We will send you packing all the way back to Timbucktoo… EMPTY.
  9. Consider sending us a video of you or your child riding before you come. That will help us make a better recommendation. Saying you are a “beginner”, “intermediate”, or “advanced” rider doesn’t really help, because everyone’s description of those levels are different. A video is best, but if one is not available… elaborate!

Beginners are GREAT, but…

One of our requirements is that you must have horse experience. If you are a beginner, you MUST have a real trainer working very closely with you at a boarding facility where you can be monitored. This is not intended to be hurtful, but our horses have been through quite a bit. Rookie mistakes like incorrect tack fit and mismanagement are something that we are not willing to sign them up for. Beginners do not have to board their horses forever, BUT initially it is better for everyone involved as you learn the ropes.

You won’t find your next babymaker here!

Our mares leave us with a strict “NO BREEDING” policy. Why? Because overbreeding is a major cause of slaughter. We don’t care how sweet she is… We don’t care how amazing your stallion is. Bella Run mares are NOT babymakers. We don’t care if she’s a Champion Gypsy Vanner that poops rainbows and speaks three languages… once she passes through our barn doors, her uterus is closed. This means that not only will you not purposely breed her, but also that you won’t let her have an “accident” either. “Hunky Stallion jumped the fence and got her when we were out of town…” is NOT an excuse. Sorry.

Are you ready?

Once you read through the requirements here, you can get busy snapping pictures! The more pictures and info you send us about you… the better we can help you find the right match! The easiest (and fastest) way to get approved is to email us at or call/TEXT us at 740-731-3291 or 740-707-0793 to get the conversation started!

You can also click here for our online adoption application! Horse Adoption Application

Believe it or not, we are actually pretty easy to deal with. We LOVE the matchmaking that goes along with rehoming our horses, and of course want to make sure they are as happy as possible when they leave us! We look forward to working with you!

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